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International Dimension of Lille University

With the High profile of research programs, Lille1 University is a scientific and technological pole of international dimension.

Scientific cooperation and researcher mobility

Lille 1 leads in international research with 60 projects financed within the Framework Programme and 18 within INTERREG III. 8 European or International laboratories. About 120 invited professors or associate professors and 50 post-docs of 30 different nationalities are hosted per year at Lille 1 university.

International student mobility

Lille1 University main focus is the dissemination and development of the results through international symposiums, through the transfer of technology to companies (Competitiveness Clusters), through the training and mobility of young researchers: 850 international study exchanges and 480 internships abroad a year, 200 staff mobilities, 24 international programs (all levels), 10 institutional networks with all continents, and numerous European Networks in each discipline.

In addition, Lille1 University offers the possibility of double-diplomas for certain students at the Master level and currently 1 Erasmus Mundus master, and at the PhD level a supervision of 150 co-tutorial thesis.

1 Erasmus Mundus Master

Master Economics of Globalisation and European Integration

Participation in Action 2 programmes in Maghreb, Africa, Carribean Area, Pacific Area, Middle-East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe in close cooperation with the two sister Universities Lille 2 and 3.

16 Courses taught in English:

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Bachelor programmes

Business Administration (BBA) Nouvelle fenetre 

Economics and Management (bilingual French/English)

Biology (bilingual French/English)


Master programmes

  • Science and Technology

Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry Nouvelle fenetre

Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development Nouvelle fenetre

Urban Engineering and Habitat Nouvelle fenetre 

Mathematical Engineering, Advanced Scientific Computing Nouvelle fenetre

Micro and Nanotechnology Nouvelle fenetre

Translational Neurosciences Nouvelle fenetre

Biology and Biotechnology, Genomics and Proteomics, speciality Proteomics Nouvelle fenetre

Past and Current Geoenvironnments Nouvelle fenetre

Atmospheric Environment, Physics-Chemistry Nouvelle fenetre

Plant Sciences NEW ! Opening in September 2015

  • Economics and Management

Economics of Globalisation and European Integration Nouvelle fenetre (label Erasmus Mundus)

Global E-Business Nouvelle fenetre

Management of European Affairs Nouvelle fenetre

  • Human and Social Sciences

EuroStudies - European Studies for Territorial and Urban Development Nouvelle fenetre

Intercultural Mediation : Identities, Mobilities, Conflicts (Lille 3) Nouvelle fenetre

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